Monday, October 19, 2015

BGA Public Eye: City Colleges adds administrators, boosts tuition

This was written by Sarah Karp of the Better Government Association published in Chicago Sun Times Oct. 17, 2015

The same predatory practices of padding administrative salaries found in Chicago Public Schools and Waukegan District 60 are now reported at Chicago City Colleges.

In addition, Corruption Busters has an extensive ongoing investigation into sole source outside legal fees that provide billings at $295 per hour to connected law firms in lieu of using in-house staff. 

Back in 2013 Jack Hagerty, of Shefsky (now Taft Law) issued an invoice for a blanket $40,000 approved just prior to the demotion of General Counsel James M. Reilly

FOIA requests failed to uncover the direct work associated with this payment. A complaint was made to the Chicago City Colleges Inspector General regarding lack of oversight and waste of taxpayer dollars. 

We have previously reported Hagerty's propensity to receive sole source legal work from a number of Chicago Sister Agencies, including a $4 Million fee for work associated with Chicago Public Schools.

The Better Government Association led by Andy Shaw recently posted a investigation entitled

$110 million! City’s Legal Bills Pile Up  

(Andrew Schroedter and Patrick Rehkamp/BGA October 17, 2015 6:00 PM)

"With Chicago deeply in debt and straining to pay its bills, Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in 2011 vowing to slash spending. Among his primary targets: Annual multi-million dollar payouts to outside legal firms tagged to handle selected city business including defending police misconduct cases.
But Emanuel, now in his second term, has yet to fulfill that promise, according to a BGA Rescuing Illinois analysis of city records.
Since taking office, the Emanuel Administration has paid $110 million to outside counsel, roughly the same amount his predecessor Mayor Richard M. Daley spent on freestanding legal firms in his last term, according to a BGA Rescuing Illinois review."

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