Sunday, October 25, 2015


Corruption Busters was advised today that 20 WPS 60 Administrators took a morning tour of Waukegan on Oct. 23, 2015 accompanied by State Rep. Rita Mayfield stopping at 3 or 4 locations for a photo op and then returned to Lincoln Center for a white linen luncheon hosted by the District to recognize Bethel Cager and Amanda Patti for their new leadership at WPS60. 

On its face, this outing appears to be beneficial as it was crafted to introduce new administrators to Waukegan. We are usually cynical as to motives to spend taxpayer money and note that the combined annual salaries of these administrators tops $2 Million plus the cost of lunch at taxpayer expense.

We see a teachable moment here. There are 17,000 students in Waukegan who have little time within the confines of the common core curriculum to get real life experiences. Most may not have even gone one or two miles to see Lake Michigan, let alone visited museums or historical sites in the Chicagoland area.

Waukegan has an incredible and underutilized asset, namely the Waukegan Historical Society located at 1917 N. Sheridan Road within close proximity to all of Waukegan's schools. 

This organization offers a variety of free Outreach and Education Programs that fosters civic pride for residents and a wonderful sense of commuity in Lake County. 

Click here for a  link to their website and programs. 

More focus on experiential education and a de-emphasis on standardized tests (as now advocated by the Obama Administration) is suggested to the braintrust at Lincoln Center.
This would have made great table discussion during the luncheon and provided a positive result from the participation of these experienced educators.

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