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In response to a FOIA request just obtained of Waukegan School District 60 in the on-going investigation of Anita Hanna, documentation provided reveals collusion by Donaldo Batiste, Supt. and Board members to provide Hanna with free use of WPS60 facilities in violation of the Policy of Community Use of School Facilities by outsiders.

The documentation provided is incomplete but provides partial information for the years 2010, 2013 and 2014. 

Here is a summary of the chronology of events as provided by the WPS60 Board minutes and supporting documents provided by Hanna.

The WPS60 Policy of Community Use of School Facilities (Click here for complete document) was originally adopted Oct. 2, 1974 with the latest revisions dated Dec. 14, 2010. 

Anita Hanna has served on the WPS60 board since 1995 and was elected President in 2013.

The duties of the Superintendent are clear.

The Application Process is clear.

Anita Hanna's Black Student's Parent Organization was assigned Class 3 status

Hanna's BSPO does not qualify as either a tax supported public body nor is it registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501C3 non-profit. In fact, she is not registered with the Illinois Secretary of State as a corporate entity that would then classify her family business as a sole proprietorship!

Here is the fee structure prescribed in the Policy Manual

Note that the fees, reduction, substitution or Waiver are at the sole discretion of the Superintendent (Donaldo Batiste). Batiste willfully and knowingly entered into a sweetheart deal with a sitting board member, Anita Hanna. 

This is clearly a conflict of interest, collusion and abuse of his authority as Superintendent. In addition, this decision resulted in monetary loss to the district. 

We were provided with no application for 2010 by WPS60, no evidence of insurance and no copy of an IRS letter approving tax exempt status. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it is our belief that those documents do not exist. If true, again, Batiste exceeded his authority by not requiring proper filing of legal documents in compliance with Board Policy.

The June 22, 2010 and August 10, 2010 Board Minutes are illuminating. (Click here for complete document)

The Board clearly exceeded its authority and fiduciary duty to waive evidence of insurance and indemnify the District against any potential liability claims.

Here is where Hanna's action become very interesting. 

We had to read this paragraph twice as it is patently false in representation, yet the Board members swallow this line of BS. 

Hanna knew that she could not secure insurance coverage for her family business with any carrier because she did not meet their requirements for financial responsibility and would not be approved by underwriting. Legitimate businesses obtain this coverage regularly. The District Policy prescribes evidence of insurability to protect WPS60 against liability claims. Hanna never applied for coverage knowing well that she could not pay the required premium payments.

Apparently, Hanna had been using WPS60 facilities in prior years without complying with Board Policy regarding the application and approval process. We can only surmise that this relationship extended back to Batiste's tenure as Superintendent that commenced in 2006.

Batiste again exceeds his authority against potential liability to the District in the event of an injury or death. Signed waivers are not a proper defense again claims.

Anderson attempts to set rules for next year

We were provided with no information related to Hanna's securing WPS60 facilities for 2011 or 2012 in violation of our FOIA request.

The vote of the Board is the corker!

Not only did Hanna fail to recuse herself from this decision, she voted "aye" to save herself fees that were due the District resulting in personal gain for her family business! This is a direct breach of her fiduciary duty resulting in personal gain.

These acts constitute theft of taxpayer monies!

The sole voice of sanity was June Maguire who was vocal in the Board discussions and objected to waiving the Insurance Certificate. She also voted NO on granting Hanna a waiver.

Next up....the pattern continues for 2013 and 2014 and the plot to steal more money continues as Hanna is elevated to Board President. Stay tuned.

The good citizens of Waukegan call up Donaldo Batiste to respond publicly to these facts of abuse of authority, breach of fiduciary and favoritism towards Board President Anita Hanna to the detriment of taxpayers.

Click here to reference our previous post dated October 28, 2014 re Anita Hanna's Legacy of Abuse of Power

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