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News update in the incredibly Bizarro Superman world of WPS60 spin:

District 60 has once again been awarded a Certificate of 

Excellence in Financial Reporting. Perhaps the good 

folks at the Association of School Business Officials 

International (ASBO) should be subscribing to our blog to 

learn exactly how the Board and Administration are spending 

taxpayer monies?

Marilyn Cook writes an Op-Ed in the Waukegan News Sun

 (Tribune) paper and asks why did the Board and 

Superintendent prolong the recent teachers strike?

The answer is simply for personal gain, ego, power and the 

expectation that they would never be caught.

Latest update....

Good folks of Waukegan, this a direct electronic communication from the President of the Waukegan Public School District 60 Board responsible for managing a $162 Million Budget supplied by YOUR taxpayer funds!

Response via email today from Anita Hanna's official WPS60 email address (we didn't make this up!):

"Thank you for keeping me so in the news that I am so important. No weapon formed against me shall prosper! So says the Lord, I am a conqueror! In the Name of Jesus! God will make my enemies my footstool?, He has given me Power to stump the heads of serpents! So says the Lord, my God! I am the Righteousness of God and I gave Favor everywhere I walk, in Jesus Name. He is my Redeemer, this is not my battle, it is the Lords! I am a Child of God!"

No remorse. No acts of contrition. No petition for forgiveness. In her megalomaniacal world, she  channels the Lord and is simply a vessel! When she cut off healthcare benefits to the families of 1200 teachers and recklessly endangered folks with life threatening diseases or deprivation of medication, did she look to the heavens for inspiration? An act of Christian charity? Obfuscation? The devil made her do it channeled by the ghost of Flip Wilson?? Pure blarney!

We again call upon the IRS, Illinois Dept. of Revenue and law enforcement to access her family business books and records.

Also please note that Article VIII Section 1 of our 

Illinois State Constitution is very clear.  Public 

funds, property, and credit shall be used only for 

public purpose. Batiste clearly exceeded his 

authority by enabling the Board to issue  a Waiver to

Hanna resulting in the loss of monies to District 60

for many years.

Here is a link to the full documentation provided by WPS60 for 2010, 2013 & 2014. 

There is no application for 2010. There is no information for 2011 and 2012. There is no application for 2013. The 2014 application is incomplete and deliberately does not disclosure the prime applicant, Black Student's Parent Organization owned by Hanna. However, she pencils in her phone number and signs the application. The Board minutes reflect a discussion to allow a church to provide the Certificate of Insurance. Every member of the Board had full knowledge that this application was for a family business owned by Hanna. Only June Maguire has consistently voted against approving the waiver!

We provide the email reply (salient points highlighted in red by Corruption Busters) from Batiste invited to respond to favoritism granted to Hanna by waiving district fees for school facility rentals for her family day camp business resulting in thousands of dollars lost revenue for the past number of years:

"Mr. Mavet,
I just reviewed the emails I received over the long weekend. It is obvious from content of your transmittal that you misunderstand my role and position regarding Ms. Anita Hanna's requests for fee waivers.  As the Superintendent, it is my role to adhere and enforce Board policy.  In cases where Board policy is not being followed, I alert the Board to the variation and leave the issue of approving or denying fee waiver requests to the Board.  Please review the Board minutes for each instance that this matter was handled under my leadership and you will see that I made no recommendation other than the Board review and consider the request.

This action alone is different from my customary recommendations.  Usually, a "Recommended Action" states the Administration recommends that the Board authorize or approve an action.   In the case of Ms. Hanna's use of Webster Middle School, the agenda items placed the question for Board consideration.  I made no formal recommendation.

Further, I have no authority to waive Board policy when all requirements of a request have not been met.  When an application is incomplete that is governed by Board policy, that question goes to the Board for their knowledge of the issue, their guidance and/or action.

Such were the cases involving Ms. Hanna's camps.  Each year a majority has seen fit to relax the policy to allow the camp to be held with only a minimal fee charged to parents.  To the best of my knowledge, Ms. Hanna's organization is not a 501 (c) 3 corporation.  Therefore, she usually partners with a neighborhood church or other charitable organizations.  The Board has the final say.  I am not colluding with Ms. Hanna.
(s)Dr. Donaldo R. Batiste"

The duties of the Superintendent are clear.

The Application Process is clear.

Are you invoking the Sgt. Shultz "I know nothing" defense? Au contrere! You knew exactly what you were doing...slipping this wired deal through board approval for your co-conspirator, Anita Hanna. Well, it is not your money, so there is no direct consequence to your personal compensation. But, you cost the district revenue year after year.

How many other board members received this same consideration? NONE. How many residents? NONE. How may non-profits that received donations at your behest with district monies? Time, Patience and FOIA responses will shed light on these activities.

This nonsense about alerting the Board to variations is neither the spirit nor letter of the Board policy. Batiste is the gatekeeper. If an application is deficient, just like a situation where a student turns in incomplete work, the work is returned to the author until all conditions are met and requirements are in full compliance.  Batiste fails to take responsibility. He is apparently afraid for his job and retribution by Hanna if he does not place the matter on the Board agenda.

Your rolodex and speed dial on your district provided iPhone are intriguing.

There are over 5,000 attorneys in the Greater Chicagoland and Northern Illinois area. By the luck of the sperm, your speed dial is only capable of contacting Hinshaw and Culbertson. Can you imagine Ficarelli's good fortune that you called him?

  • So, Donaldo, how do you explain the direct written communications between you and Anthony Ficarelli regarding his outside legal fees at the end of May, 2014 and the subsequent ramming through the board his contract two weeks later? Perhaps you wish to also pass the buck for that decision to Mary Lamping, your loyal underling and and place blame on her poor judgment?

  • How do you explain the use of district funds for dinners that you attended at taxpayer expense?

  • How do you explain the geometrical odds of providing a sole source contract to Leila Eames? There are 13 Million people in Illinois. There are surely at least 100 qualified consultants within the State who are capable of providing the services provided by Eames. If you placed all their names in a hat, the laws of probability would be heavily favored to select an Illinois resident. Alas, Eames name bubbled up to the surface and found its way into your rolodex and cell phone. You recommended a Sole Source contract to your Louisiana buddy. More Blarney.
  • Crony hiring of Michael Washington to an administrative position at WPS60. Washington was allegedly "recruited" by Human Services as part of a diversity hiring plan in did they find this guy in New Orleans? Recommended by Batiste! Forgot to mention that he does not hold a valid Type 75 certification according to records at ISBE. Washington has on more than one occasion violated state law requiring the presence in the building of an administrator holding Type 75 certification. He has been left in charge in the absence of both the Principal and assistant Principal. It is apparently no coincidence that Washington was absent all last week when Batiste was also not present in the district. This trumps crony hiring by taking care of family and friends and exhibits how Batiste again violates the public trust and abuses taxpayer money.
Moving forward, we will refer to you with a new moniker
"CYA Batiste"!

There was an interesting post in the Superintendent's Newletter this week asking to honor the WPS60 Board members for their service. So, Donaldo, did you treat them for dinner at taxpayer expense? Let's all take a few minutes to recall their behavior during the recent teachers strike, particularly the termination of heathcare benefits for 1200 families, and galvanize the community to put their every move under the microscope.

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