Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We report facts based upon written evidence.

The good residents of Waukegan have not paid us even one penny, nor have we solicited compensation, to investigate improprieties by elected officials and government workers. We are not predator interlopers who have their hand on the cash register with every utterance or mercenary act. We are not native to your City. We do plead guilty to having an acute allergy to corruption. We appreciate your thanks and gratitude.

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Nuff, said.

Now, on to business and a teachable moment.....

THE ILLINOIS FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT protects 13 Million residents from corrupt government. It was promulgated by the Illinois Legislature and signed into law by the Illinois Governor


Open and honest government is the cornerstone of American democracy, and it can only be achieved through the free exchange of information between the government and its citizens.

The Office of the Attorney General is committed to supporting and enforcing the principle of open government embodied in two important laws: The Freedom of Information
Act (5 ILCS 140) and the Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120). Both are critical tools in shining light on government action, and ultimately strengthening our democracy.

As Attorney General, I feel so strongly about the role these Acts play in our government, that, for the first time in Illinois history, I have established the position of Public Access
Counselor within my office. The Public Access Counselor will take an active role in assuring that public bodies understand the requirements of the laws and conduct their business openly and that the public has access to the governmental information to which they are entitled.

The Freedom of Information Act is a pro-disclosure law embedded in the fundamental principle that citizens have a right to access public documents of their government, while
balancing the government necessary ability to conduct the business of the people.

The purpose of this Guide to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act is intended to be a helpful contribution in ensuring open and honest government in every corner of Illinois. The Office of the Attorney General is pleased to offer this revised guide to foster accountability of government to its citizens, which is the bedrock of a democratic society.

Corruption Busters applies professional investigative standards to obtaining written documentation, including but not limited to, letters, emails, faxes, communications, financial records, employee records, etc. under the protection of the Freedom of Information Act. Only written documentation may be provided by the responding agency; not hearsay, telephone conversations (unless recorded) or conjecture. 

No person is fully objective, hence the freedom to express one's perspective and subjective opinions are protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

We report on the veracity of the documents, rarely interjecting our editorial prerogative (unlike other traditional print publications or broadcast TV networks) unless illustrating a point that is not readily apparent to the reader or where clarity is needed to understand the information provided on the face of the documents.

We do not charge subscribers a fee; you are welcome not to read our blog. We have interested followers all across the US who are interested in eliminating corruption, sole source deals and the few elected and cronies who are in the game for personal gain. We appreciate their feedback and support.

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