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There is an old adage that the "Fish Stinks from the Head." Seems that this is the continuing legacy for cronyism hiring in Waukegan. 

Recent comments published in print media across the US vilify the policy of tenure as a means of protecting under-performing teachers. We take no position here but agree that across every profession and industry there are folks who come to the job and give their 100% while others are there solely for the paycheck. Such is human nature.

Today, let us focus our attention on Mary Lamping's professional judgment. Mary has demonstrated proficiency at managing her cell phone, even while present at public Board of Education meetings. Certainly, Mary is familiar with Google. While keeping a neutral position on the veracity of information obtained from Internet searches, there are also means to check resumes, work history, criminal records, etc. prior to making the hire decision.

Mary, Mary, you failed to properly vet Teresa K. Anderson prior to approving her employment at WPS60. She was hired on July 1, 2013 at $126,932 to head up Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

Try this in your search engine "Teresa Anderson CPS" The very first item is 

Did CPS let building go to pot before ‘turnaround’?

This preliminary search reveals her previous employment at Herzl School located in the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago where she served as Principal. If you had checked with former teachers or the Local School Council you would have learned that there were numerous grievances filed against her. To boot, she ultimately received the boot when the Chicago School Board gave her the boot in the turnaround. 

Here are pictures of the deplorable work conditions suffered by both students and teachers at Herzl in Chicago. 

We had a direct family member employed at Herzl and were updated almost daily on the deplorable work conditions, including asbestos, environmental and health threats.

Corruption Busters provided a study for presentation to the CPS board that detailed numerous building violations registered with the Bldg. Inspection Department, City of Chicago. Staff members captured these pics in the spring of 2012. The school was originally built in 1908! As an aside, CPS used $9 Million in turnaround money granted from ISBE by way of Arne Duncan to install air conditioning and renovate the building for politically connected, AUSL, a private charter school management company.  

Anderson next ended up at CPS School, Bennett Shedd, for 1 year (2012-2013), again leaving a legacy of bullying and mistreatment of staff prior to being welcomed with open arms by Lamping.

The repetitive pattern of grievances and complaint regarding her school management suggests that Lamping should accompany Anderson at charm school to learn basic manners and temper their arrogant and disrespectful behaviour. 

Mary, it is our understanding that you directly handle all district grievances confirmed by Tom Morris via FOIA received two day ago "Dr. Lamping has been chiefly involved in the management of grievance files for some time". 

It would be very disappointing to learn that you are burying this information to protect your crony. Perhaps this would be a good time to commence an independent audit?

Is Anderson related to Lamping or Batiste? We have no information to affirm or deny that fact. Were there no other qualified candidates with glowing recommendations that would enhance the image of WPS60 as a great destination to establish a career in education? Is Lamping running a home for the wayward? 

Anderson's leadership as school principal is akin to Patton through Germany. 81% of the staff at Jefferson signed a petition to remove Anderson for bullying and intimidating teachers. To date, you have failed to act. Go check your contractual duties. You have an obligation to provide a safe school environment for both students and teachers. 

Shame on You!

"A New Day, A New Way...Children First." 


Good citizens of Waukegan...are you content with again getting sloppy seconds? Send a wake-up call to Lamping that you are "mad, and not going to take it!"

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