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Waukegan Mayor Wants School Board Member To Resign After Telling Parents To ‘Shut Up’

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What does the community know about Torres?

Apparently, Torres was galvanized by a single issue that directly affected her child.

Sept. 22, 2011 Waukegan parents plan boycott over school-busing cuts

District says it can no longer afford to transport kids who live within 1.5 miles of school

    Alberto Torres, 7, gets a piggyback ride from his mom, Victoria Torres, as they walk about a mile home from Whittier Elementary School 

    Next, she decides to run for the School Board

    6 vie to fill 4 seats on Waukegan School District 60 board By Dan Moran

    Quoted April 4, 2013 at a Candidate Forum at Juarez Middle School

    Torres, a mother of three district students, told the crowd that “we need to change our system here, and I’d like to be a part of that.”

    “I think I can make a difference. I’m not here for anything else than to make a difference for the children,” said Torres, who argued for such things as per-unit fees for apartment owners to increase revenue. “I know I have some ideas that may sound harsh, but if it needs to be done for the kids, it needs to be done.” 

    Next time there is forum, have the candidates fill out a form that requests background information and qualification for office.

    April 10, 2013 Torres garners 2,308 votes (15%) and gains the fourth seat in the election.

    Information is not available that speaks to Torres' qualifications to serve as School Board member. We have not seen any academic credentials, work history, life experience or any indication that she has acumen to understand and deal with a $162 Million budget. There is no evidence that she has taken training via ISBE. Evidence of course completion is requested. 

    We welcome Torres' response to this information.

    Let's fast forward to her behaviour the last couple of weeks during heated collective bargaining negotiations between WPS60 and the Teachers Union.

    During the public board meeting on October 14, 2014 (click here) when she confronted a Waukegan High School student and insulted him as he was presenting his perspective, a first amendment right that he chose to exercise. Another student remarked on her "body language" glaring at the speaker with her arms crossed.

    When contacted directly by a resident via phone she advised that she "has the power" and would never vote in favor of any union proposal. WOW. Shame on you, Victoria!

    So, let's put this into perspective. She started out as a one issue parent concerned only with the district providing bus service, ran for office, voted to approve Ficarelli's contract, approved increasing the administration to a bloated base salary of $14.9 Million and now arrogantly is flexing her muscles because she won a board seat. She should be held accountable and made to repay these funds back to the district coffers for proper expenditure on education.

    In this case, ignorance is not bliss. It is insulting. She has a mandate to properly represent the residents of Waukegan. She has expressed her prejudice and failure to properly deal with the collective bargaining process.

    Waukegan residents, reflect on this for a moment. Perhaps she needs to feel pressure and understand that she has a fiduciary duty to safeguard your assets. She has failed as an elected official. Remember, she only garnered 2,308 votes with no credentials and no bona fides to do a proper job. Get vocal. Call her out for this immature behaviour. Send her emails. Call her on the phone. Confront her in public places, albeit in a peaceful manner. Her tenure should be cut short. She has proven to be untrustworthy and biased.

    She claims to care about the students. We call bullshit.

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