Friday, October 17, 2014


The obstacle to ending the current Teachers' strike rests in the hands of 7 elected officials.

The solution is to convince 4 of the 7 that an equitable solution and the return of students and teachers to classrooms is their highest priority and a fulfillment of their fiduciary duty as school board members. A simple majority brings this matter to a swift conclusion.

As of 2013, Waukegan's population with 88,800. School Board members typically garner only about 3,000 votes to be elected.

1,000 people attended the Board meeting last Tuesday. the overwhelming tenor of comments were supportive of teachers and students. The behavior of the Board memorialized on video and reported in the media showed contempt, arrogance and disrespect to citizens who came to express their opinions.

American democracy protects the rights of assembly and peaceful demonstrations. A handful of American patriots protested the Tea Act in Boston harbor that resulted in the American Revolution.

Now is the time to rally the parents and taxpayers to regain control of Waukegan Public Schools.

Isolate each Board member to gauge their position on settlement. Keeping the focus on each in the press and in public will have an effect on their decision-making. 

It is interesting that there is no public information available on Google, Facebook or Twitter on any of the board members. What is their educational background, work history, life experience that enables them to understand or administer a $162 Million budget?

Review their voting records by reading the board minutes. It appears that they simply rubber stamp recommendations by Batiste and the Administration. Remember well, they will vote to hire the next Superintendent.

Force accountability with continued pressure.
The exercise of democracy is a good lesson for Waukegan students, as well as taxpayers.

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