Thursday, October 16, 2014


You contend that Waukegan District 60 does not possess financial resources to arrive at an equitable collective bargaining agreement with striking teachers.

Hinshaw billings reflect "No Charge Professional Courtesy" on August 28, 2014 for a 1/2 hour conference call with the Federal Mediator while billing the District 47.4 hours at a sum total of $12,910.50 for the month also including phone charges of $72.12!

The good citizens of Waukegan express their gratitude for your generosity and charity! Please note that your in kind donation of $137.50 will be used for the benefit of 17,000 students at a per capita rate of $0.008 each! Certainly the Board will spend this money wisely. 

As you may note, payments made for outside legal fees come directly from the Education budget and reduce dollar for dollar precious resources for personnel directly responsible for carrying out the mandate of educating students in Waukegan.

So, Tony, as a civic minded citizen, why don't you provide your advice to the district PRO BONO? The residents of Waukegan would be greatly appreciative. You can even be more charitable by rebating fees already billed and collected expressing your full understanding of the circumstances and solidarity with the students who you purport to protect with your appointed representation by Batiste and the Board.

What say ye??

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