Sunday, October 26, 2014


OK, from the tenor of your official communiques released to the media and the whispering in your ears by Ficarelli, we are fully aware of your posture and strategy to bust the Teacher's union.

The District's Disingenous Plan to resume food service dated 10/26/2014 by simply removing the picket lines from 6 schools for only two hours is simply wishful thinking. First a finger, then a whole hand. Nada. No deal.

Donaldo, we have a wonderful book that we suggest you read, Pinocchio that is about a wooden boy who yearns to become a real person. There is only one caveat. For each lie he tells, his nose grows. At this point, the tip of your nose is extending from Waukegan to the outskirts of New Orleans. Should we send a copy to your office or your residence?

Let's deal with a more tangible issue. According to ISBE there is a requirement to provide a calendar of 185 days, with a minimum of 176 school days. This is crucial to WPS60 as federal and state aid are provided based upon meeting that mandate. These conditions must be met on or before June 30, 2015.

Donaldo and Mary. Your dilatory tactics will soon backfire on you. You are getting close to reaching an immovable barrier. To date, there have been 29 days against the 185. That leaves 156 days to prevent the unrecoverable loss of sorely needed funding that you accounted for in your budget.

Count backwards from June 30 to all available days to squeeze in the 156. This is a word problem so be sure to show your work. Every day that you continue your obstinate behaviour counts against you. 

Look in the mirror. This requires no negotiation on the Union's behalf. This a simply a lesson from the Romans who employed a highly successful siege strategy to create an empire.

The clock is ticking.

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