Friday, March 7, 2014


Corruption Busters has launched an investigation into allegations of improprieties by Administration Staff regarding continued abuses related to Special Education in the District. We are awaiting receipt of multiple FOIA requests to determine the extent of these actions.

Here is an update to events that transpired from 2012 -2013 regarding the backlash to Special Education policies implement by former Superintendent Goier.

The Deerfield Patch did extensive reporting on the 

discontent expressed by the parents regarding the 

stripping of essential services mandated by the State 

of Illinois for Special Education and shifted to the 

Gifted Program.

Posted by  
"Widespread support for the No Confidence petition will hopefully convince the Board of Education that we do not want them choosing our next Superintendent."
read the full article here...

There is a new Superintendent, Mike Lubelfeld, who has endeavored to provide transparency and a commitment to Excellence in Education. There are newly elected board members (parents who advocated for changes to Special Ed) committed to fair policies.

However, there are administrators who are holdovers from Goier's tenure who allegedly continue, with impunity, to violate teacher rights protected under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Perhaps the Board will need to reconsider recent contract extensions for Administrators who are found to be engaging in professional misconduct?

We will report back as this story unfolds.

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