Wednesday, February 26, 2014


In a new twist to the orchestrated efforts to conceal information from the public regarding daily operations at Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority, MPEA employees are doing a great Colonel Klink impersonation..."I know nothing, NOTHING!"

Two of our latest FOIAs have resulted in MPEA's response that they have no records to provide.

The first requested all written documentation (email, memos, etc.) between Juan Ochoa, CEO, and his appointee to Acting Chief of Staff, Carlos Ponce during Ponce's 9 month's employment in 2009 and 2010. 

Here is the response...."we have no documentation responsive to your FOIA"
That's right. Not one piece of paper! NOTHING. NADA.

We had previously issued a FOIA for a copy of the Process Plan work product that was to be produced for Ochoa by Ponce as a consultant in 2008 that also has miraculously disappeared. Ponce was paid $28,000 by MPEA for this work that he then parlayed into an employment agreement. Ponce then negotiated a Separation Agreement that resulted in an additional payment to him of $34,000 (as previously reported). 

Again, there is no written documentation related to Ochoa's signing off on this abuse of taxpayer funds.

The 2nd FOIA related to documentation surrounding the crafting of the MPEA Interim Board Report issued April, 2010. "Somebody Who Somebody Sent" authored a 145 page fully wordsmithed and polished masterpiece in under 20 days while 2 meetings chaired by John Gates and guided by Bruce Rauner went through the motions of information intake regarding restructuring MPEA and Navy Pier.

Again, NOT ONE PIECE OF notes, minutes, emails. NOTHING. NADA.

We urge the NSA to point their attention to MPEA to conserve records callously destroyed so that taxpayers will have documentation of written communications and phone conversations to determine how a select few can continue to increase the MPEA annual deficit now at $1.1 Billion with impunity!

Patronage workers need to be accountable to taxpayers to protect assets and not channel money to folks seeking personal gain from sole source wired contracts and employment arrangements.

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