Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Ficarelli should be grinning from ear to ear

This equates to the annual salary 2 Waukegan teachers. Ficarelli's bill reflects 262.9 hours of work. For most folks working 8 hours a day, there are 176 hours in a month. (8 hours x 22 working days).

Here are Ficarelli's monthly billings:
June, 2014            $ 15,589.50
July, 2014             $ 15,276.00
August, 2014        $ 12,910.50
September, 2014  $ 20,163.63
September, 2014  $   8,820.00
October, 2014      $  73,025.00

GRAND TOTAL $145,784.63

More poor judgment on the part of Batiste? Remember, he directly negotiated a contract with Ficarelli at the end of May, 2014 for $50,000 and then rammed it through Board approval two weeks later. Keeping the sole source wired deal to this dollar threshold skirted a full board discussion on this topic and prevented going to a full, open bid soliciting outside legal services.

Again, not Batiste's money. Waukegan taxpayers' funds promiscuously spent on Family and Friends!

Couple this revelation with the FOIA information obtained by Corruption Busters regarding the PR contract with Greentarget, recommended by Ficarelli/Hinshaw at '20% discounted rates' totaling $15,761.15.

Anita Hanna, WPS60 President, should be taking lessons from Ficarelli. Both have been taking care of the family business at personal expense.

Dear Folks of Waukegan, have you had enough of these shenanigans?

Contact the Lake County State's Attorney, Mayor Wayne Motley, Rep. Rita Mayfield and Senator Terry Link to open an investigation into fraud, waste of taxpayer funds and corruption.

Monday, December 1, 2014

FURTHER ABUSE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS BY BATISTE, FICARELLI AND WPS60. Another adventure down the rabbit hole. 

In our ongoing investigation of waste of taxpayer funds by the WPS60 Administration, our latest FOIA related to Outside Consulting contracts contains a very interesting contract between Batiste and Greentarget (Hinshaw's PR Firm) executed March 3, 2014.

For the negotiations that were held last spring related to the previous contract, Batiste decides on a defensive measure to manage communications. Of course, who does he turn to for assistance? His one-number speed dial on his district provided cellphone...Smiley Tony Ficarelli. We wonder if Tony received a finder's fee??

Again, we find no evidence provided that Batiste solicited bids from other qualified PR firms or even made any attempt to identify those resources. In addition, the district has in-house PR staff including Nicholas Alajakis, who cranked out daily reports to the press, WPS60 website and Facebook page...all at no additional charge to taxpayers. 

Was this simply an oversight? Laziness? Or, is there a a more sinister bent to this decision? Batiste again taking care of his own.

Anticipating an upcoming Teachers' strike, Batiste enters into an agreement with Hinshaw's PR Firm and receives a 20% courtesy discount.

Not bad, Ficarelli is getting $275 or better per hour. Why not reward friends and family with another sole source, wired deals to friends and family at taxpayer expense?

Who takes 5 hours to draft a letter to parents at a cost of $250/hour? 

The new PARCC test for Common Core would be a great source on how to craft sentence structure for clear communications!

How many English teachers are employed at WPS60 capable of drafting a letter? 

With over 40 years experience between them, Batiste and Lamping are not capable of articulating the District's position to the public? Interesting because Batiste has no problem authoring his Superintendent's Letter monthly and freely distributes the content to parents of 17,000 students and 1200 teachers! At no additional charge to the Waukegan taxpayers!

Who needed Spokesperson media training at $4,000? Ficarelli was the spokesman for WPS60 and enjoyed basking in the glow of network interviews at taxpayer expense!

Click here for the executed contract with Greentarget reviewed by General Counsel, Tom Morris ("Of Counsel - Hinshaw) 

Purchase Order 151502 issued on 10/22/2014 by WPS60 in the amount of $11,995.00. 

Disbursement 5/13/2014  against Greentarget Inv. # 2624 partial payment in the amount of $6,000.

Disbursement 5/13/2014 against Inv.#2626
partial payment in the amount of $9,761.15, including the balance of $5,000 and a FEDEX charge of $4,761.15!

The $11,995 purchase order actually resulted in disbursements totaling $15,761.15. No problemo; not Donaldo's money!

More on results of the Outside Consulting Contracts FOIA soon....

Monday, November 17, 2014


News update in the incredibly Bizarro Superman world of WPS60 spin:

District 60 has once again been awarded a Certificate of 

Excellence in Financial Reporting. Perhaps the good 

folks at the Association of School Business Officials 

International (ASBO) should be subscribing to our blog to 

learn exactly how the Board and Administration are spending 

taxpayer monies?

Marilyn Cook writes an Op-Ed in the Waukegan News Sun

 (Tribune) paper and asks why did the Board and 

Superintendent prolong the recent teachers strike?

The answer is simply for personal gain, ego, power and the 

expectation that they would never be caught.

Latest update....

Good folks of Waukegan, this a direct electronic communication from the President of the Waukegan Public School District 60 Board responsible for managing a $162 Million Budget supplied by YOUR taxpayer funds!

Response via email today from Anita Hanna's official WPS60 email address amhanna@wps60.org (we didn't make this up!):

"Thank you for keeping me so in the news that I am so important. No weapon formed against me shall prosper! So says the Lord, I am a conqueror! In the Name of Jesus! God will make my enemies my footstool?, He has given me Power to stump the heads of serpents! So says the Lord, my God! I am the Righteousness of God and I gave Favor everywhere I walk, in Jesus Name. He is my Redeemer, this is not my battle, it is the Lords! I am a Child of God!"

No remorse. No acts of contrition. No petition for forgiveness. In her megalomaniacal world, she  channels the Lord and is simply a vessel! When she cut off healthcare benefits to the families of 1200 teachers and recklessly endangered folks with life threatening diseases or deprivation of medication, did she look to the heavens for inspiration? An act of Christian charity? Obfuscation? The devil made her do it channeled by the ghost of Flip Wilson?? Pure blarney!

We again call upon the IRS, Illinois Dept. of Revenue and law enforcement to access her family business books and records.

Also please note that Article VIII Section 1 of our 

Illinois State Constitution is very clear.  Public 

funds, property, and credit shall be used only for 

public purpose. Batiste clearly exceeded his 

authority by enabling the Board to issue  a Waiver to

Hanna resulting in the loss of monies to District 60

for many years.

Here is a link to the full documentation provided by WPS60 for 2010, 2013 & 2014. 

There is no application for 2010. There is no information for 2011 and 2012. There is no application for 2013. The 2014 application is incomplete and deliberately does not disclosure the prime applicant, Black Student's Parent Organization owned by Hanna. However, she pencils in her phone number and signs the application. The Board minutes reflect a discussion to allow a church to provide the Certificate of Insurance. Every member of the Board had full knowledge that this application was for a family business owned by Hanna. Only June Maguire has consistently voted against approving the waiver!

We provide the email reply (salient points highlighted in red by Corruption Busters) from Batiste invited to respond to favoritism granted to Hanna by waiving district fees for school facility rentals for her family day camp business resulting in thousands of dollars lost revenue for the past number of years:

"Mr. Mavet,
I just reviewed the emails I received over the long weekend. It is obvious from content of your transmittal that you misunderstand my role and position regarding Ms. Anita Hanna's requests for fee waivers.  As the Superintendent, it is my role to adhere and enforce Board policy.  In cases where Board policy is not being followed, I alert the Board to the variation and leave the issue of approving or denying fee waiver requests to the Board.  Please review the Board minutes for each instance that this matter was handled under my leadership and you will see that I made no recommendation other than the Board review and consider the request.

This action alone is different from my customary recommendations.  Usually, a "Recommended Action" states the Administration recommends that the Board authorize or approve an action.   In the case of Ms. Hanna's use of Webster Middle School, the agenda items placed the question for Board consideration.  I made no formal recommendation.

Further, I have no authority to waive Board policy when all requirements of a request have not been met.  When an application is incomplete that is governed by Board policy, that question goes to the Board for their knowledge of the issue, their guidance and/or action.

Such were the cases involving Ms. Hanna's camps.  Each year a majority has seen fit to relax the policy to allow the camp to be held with only a minimal fee charged to parents.  To the best of my knowledge, Ms. Hanna's organization is not a 501 (c) 3 corporation.  Therefore, she usually partners with a neighborhood church or other charitable organizations.  The Board has the final say.  I am not colluding with Ms. Hanna.
(s)Dr. Donaldo R. Batiste"

The duties of the Superintendent are clear.

The Application Process is clear.

Are you invoking the Sgt. Shultz "I know nothing" defense? Au contrere! You knew exactly what you were doing...slipping this wired deal through board approval for your co-conspirator, Anita Hanna. Well, it is not your money, so there is no direct consequence to your personal compensation. But, you cost the district revenue year after year.

How many other board members received this same consideration? NONE. How many residents? NONE. How may non-profits that received donations at your behest with district monies? Time, Patience and FOIA responses will shed light on these activities.

This nonsense about alerting the Board to variations is neither the spirit nor letter of the Board policy. Batiste is the gatekeeper. If an application is deficient, just like a situation where a student turns in incomplete work, the work is returned to the author until all conditions are met and requirements are in full compliance.  Batiste fails to take responsibility. He is apparently afraid for his job and retribution by Hanna if he does not place the matter on the Board agenda.

Your rolodex and speed dial on your district provided iPhone are intriguing.

There are over 5,000 attorneys in the Greater Chicagoland and Northern Illinois area. By the luck of the sperm, your speed dial is only capable of contacting Hinshaw and Culbertson. Can you imagine Ficarelli's good fortune that you called him?

  • So, Donaldo, how do you explain the direct written communications between you and Anthony Ficarelli regarding his outside legal fees at the end of May, 2014 and the subsequent ramming through the board his contract two weeks later? Perhaps you wish to also pass the buck for that decision to Mary Lamping, your loyal underling and and place blame on her poor judgment?

  • How do you explain the use of district funds for dinners that you attended at taxpayer expense?

  • How do you explain the geometrical odds of providing a sole source contract to Leila Eames? There are 13 Million people in Illinois. There are surely at least 100 qualified consultants within the State who are capable of providing the services provided by Eames. If you placed all their names in a hat, the laws of probability would be heavily favored to select an Illinois resident. Alas, Eames name bubbled up to the surface and found its way into your rolodex and cell phone. You recommended a Sole Source contract to your Louisiana buddy. More Blarney.
  • Crony hiring of Michael Washington to an administrative position at WPS60. Washington was allegedly "recruited" by Human Services as part of a diversity hiring plan in 2004...how did they find this guy in New Orleans? Recommended by Batiste! Forgot to mention that he does not hold a valid Type 75 certification according to records at ISBE. Washington has on more than one occasion violated state law requiring the presence in the building of an administrator holding Type 75 certification. He has been left in charge in the absence of both the Principal and assistant Principal. It is apparently no coincidence that Washington was absent all last week when Batiste was also not present in the district. This trumps crony hiring by taking care of family and friends and exhibits how Batiste again violates the public trust and abuses taxpayer money.
Moving forward, we will refer to you with a new moniker
"CYA Batiste"!

There was an interesting post in the Superintendent's Newletter this week asking to honor the WPS60 Board members for their service. So, Donaldo, did you treat them for dinner at taxpayer expense? Let's all take a few minutes to recall their behavior during the recent teachers strike, particularly the termination of heathcare benefits for 1200 families, and galvanize the community to put their every move under the microscope.

Saturday, November 8, 2014



In response to a FOIA request just obtained of Waukegan School District 60 in the on-going investigation of Anita Hanna, documentation provided reveals collusion by Donaldo Batiste, Supt. and Board members to provide Hanna with free use of WPS60 facilities in violation of the Policy of Community Use of School Facilities by outsiders.

The documentation provided is incomplete but provides partial information for the years 2010, 2013 and 2014. 

Here is a summary of the chronology of events as provided by the WPS60 Board minutes and supporting documents provided by Hanna.

The WPS60 Policy of Community Use of School Facilities (Click here for complete document) was originally adopted Oct. 2, 1974 with the latest revisions dated Dec. 14, 2010. 

Anita Hanna has served on the WPS60 board since 1995 and was elected President in 2013.

The duties of the Superintendent are clear.

The Application Process is clear.

Anita Hanna's Black Student's Parent Organization was assigned Class 3 status

Hanna's BSPO does not qualify as either a tax supported public body nor is it registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501C3 non-profit. In fact, she is not registered with the Illinois Secretary of State as a corporate entity that would then classify her family business as a sole proprietorship!

Here is the fee structure prescribed in the Policy Manual

Note that the fees, reduction, substitution or Waiver are at the sole discretion of the Superintendent (Donaldo Batiste). Batiste willfully and knowingly entered into a sweetheart deal with a sitting board member, Anita Hanna. 

This is clearly a conflict of interest, collusion and abuse of his authority as Superintendent. In addition, this decision resulted in monetary loss to the district. 

We were provided with no application for 2010 by WPS60, no evidence of insurance and no copy of an IRS letter approving tax exempt status. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it is our belief that those documents do not exist. If true, again, Batiste exceeded his authority by not requiring proper filing of legal documents in compliance with Board Policy.

The June 22, 2010 and August 10, 2010 Board Minutes are illuminating. (Click here for complete document)

The Board clearly exceeded its authority and fiduciary duty to waive evidence of insurance and indemnify the District against any potential liability claims.

Here is where Hanna's action become very interesting. 

We had to read this paragraph twice as it is patently false in representation, yet the Board members swallow this line of BS. 

Hanna knew that she could not secure insurance coverage for her family business with any carrier because she did not meet their requirements for financial responsibility and would not be approved by underwriting. Legitimate businesses obtain this coverage regularly. The District Policy prescribes evidence of insurability to protect WPS60 against liability claims. Hanna never applied for coverage knowing well that she could not pay the required premium payments.

Apparently, Hanna had been using WPS60 facilities in prior years without complying with Board Policy regarding the application and approval process. We can only surmise that this relationship extended back to Batiste's tenure as Superintendent that commenced in 2006.

Batiste again exceeds his authority against potential liability to the District in the event of an injury or death. Signed waivers are not a proper defense again claims.

Anderson attempts to set rules for next year

We were provided with no information related to Hanna's securing WPS60 facilities for 2011 or 2012 in violation of our FOIA request.

The vote of the Board is the corker!

Not only did Hanna fail to recuse herself from this decision, she voted "aye" to save herself fees that were due the District resulting in personal gain for her family business! This is a direct breach of her fiduciary duty resulting in personal gain.

These acts constitute theft of taxpayer monies!

The sole voice of sanity was June Maguire who was vocal in the Board discussions and objected to waiving the Insurance Certificate. She also voted NO on granting Hanna a waiver.

Next up....the pattern continues for 2013 and 2014 and the plot to steal more money continues as Hanna is elevated to Board President. Stay tuned.

The good citizens of Waukegan call up Donaldo Batiste to respond publicly to these facts of abuse of authority, breach of fiduciary and favoritism towards Board President Anita Hanna to the detriment of taxpayers.

Click here to reference our previous post dated October 28, 2014 re Anita Hanna's Legacy of Abuse of Power

Thursday, October 30, 2014


We applaud the good judgment expressed by Mayor Wayne Motley to appeal to Governor Quinn's intervention via objective & even tempered mediator, Gery Chico, to bring an escalating situation back to center. 

Chico is a seasoned attorney with a long history of public service, having led the Chicago Public Schools through some very tentative times. Click here to view his experience. It is no coincidence that Paul Vallas is now seeking public office. (We offer no partisan position but simply an observation on commitment to personal service for the electorate). To be fair, in private practice Gery billed out at rates comparable to Anthony Ficarelli and obtained contracts from government agencies. So, the right guy in the right place. He was interviewed yesterday and quipped "I am not leaving until this is done!" And, he kept his word.

The foundation of our American system of advocacy places a buffer between contentious parties. Every citizen has the right to counsel, even if there is financial hardship to hire an expensive attorney.

Passion, ego, stubbornness and a full range of emotions cloud the process to protect one's position yet be open to compromise.

The Illinois School Board of Education (ISBE) is mandated by the Illinois Legislature and signed into law by the Governor of Illinois. (105ILCS5) Here is downloadable link of the Act.

Under ISBE, there is a Code of Ethics for Illinois Educators.

ISBE trumps local school board operation by being a direct provider of funds, has the power and statutory authority to remove professional staff under turnaround and can directly take over control of any school district that is not financially stable.

We offer suggestions to Illinois Legislators to amend the current statute, expand ISBE's oversight of local School Districts and extend checks and balances related to elected Board Members, who are required to take training and are certified by ISBE.

Click here to download the certifications currently held by the individual WPS60 Board Members.

1. The Code of Ethics needs to be extended to school board members to insure proper decorum and respect to taxpayers, students, teachers and Administrators. These elected officials are in the public eye and need to provide examples of good citizenship, as well as leadership.

2. School boards need to be placed under the purview of an Inspector General's Office to insure that the public has a channel for reporting improprieties and a bureau to investigate outside the Administration of the Districts.

3. Elected officials should be required, as part of the ISBE certification, to pass with proficiency an examination related to acumen in understanding a complex budget that is typically comprised of taxpayer dollars in the hundreds of millions. The exam should also cover School policy, Oversight of Accountability of Administrators regarding their fiduciary duties and a system to provide teeth to the grievance process that is currently not independent. 

4. The union has the right to file grievances, Administrators typically drag their feet addressing these grievances and there is no independent appeal process in the event of an impasse. For example, the Illinois Insurance Licensure Director oversees the appeal process when insurance companies deny medical procedures or medications. ISBE could provide management of a similar system.

5. School board members need to be subject to impeachment and recall for cause including gross abuse of their duties as elected officials and mismanagement of taxpayer funds. Any School Board member convicted of a misdemeanor or felony shall be immediately removed their position. Any board member under indictment for a crime shall be suspended from their board position until full disposition of the case.

6. School districts must carry Errors and Omissions insurance to indemnify the taxpayers against gross mismanagement and attorney's fees should be borne personally and not at district expense.

7. During a strike, in accord with the Affordable Care Act, school boards are barred from suspending/terminating healthcare coverage, resulting in potential reckless endangerment or death. All members in the plan comprise a single class of covered employees with the only distinction being the differential in premium between single and dependent coverage.

8. During a strike, if teacher's pay is suspended, all administrator pay in the district is also suspended until a collective bargaining agreement can be ratified by the union members and affirmed by the School Board.

9. School Districts are subject to independent audit of budget including revenues and expenditures upon petition of 500 verified residents within the district.

In the light of the events of the last month in Waukegan, we call upon Senator Terry Link and Rep. Rita Mayfield, in concert with legislative leadership to draft legislation that will strengthen protection of taxpayer assets and insure professional behaviour on the part of elected School Board members.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anita Hanna, Waukegan Public School Dist. 60 Board President


Phone: 847-780-6045


Note that Hanna received 3,122 votes in the April 2013 election.
As of Nov. 3, 2014 there are over 6,000 views of this release

The legacy of Illinois elected officials abusing their authority and wasting taxpayer monies now extends to local school board government in Waukegan.

The Annual Budget for WPS60 is $162 Million based upon revenues from local property taxes, federal and state allocations. For Fiscal Years 2014 and 2015 the surplus amount reported is approximately $25 Million. The average income level in Waukegan is $49,000 and every student in the district qualifies for subsidized hot meals provided at taxpayer expense.

An on-going investigation by CORRUPTION BUSTERS         (http://corruptionbusters24x7x365.blogspot.com
into the calculated diversion of monies earmarked for direct education syphoned off to sole source contracts awarded to friends and family by the administration of Dr. Donaldo Batiste and Mary Lamping and the featherbedding of administrative staff with high ticket annual compensation and benefits in cahoots with the elected school board led by President Anita Hanna has been uncovered via a series of information requests obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

Illustrations of waste of taxpayer funds includes:
  • ·   Sole source award to attorney Anthony Ficarelli at Hinshaw & Culbertson for $50,000 for outside legal fees billed at $275 per hour with no cap as Chief Negotiator for the district in collective bargaining with the Teacher’s Union while employing Thomas Morris (currently Of Counsel at Hinshaw) as General Counsel at an annual salary of $235,000.

  • ·   Sole source award to Leila Eames, Batiste crony from New Orleans for consulting to train WPS60 Principals. For 2013 and 2014 the contracts total $79,000.

  • ·  Increase of Administrative Staff in consecutive years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 ranging from $11.7 Million now up to $13.9 Million (not including increases in benefits and pensions that will place a heavier burden on Illinois taxpayers already strained by climbing pension payments calculated on the last four years of service).

New information obtained related to Anita Hanna reveal abuse of her elected office by approaching the Waukegan Township soliciting taxpayer funds as “donations” to her family business, Black Student’s Parents Organization that she claims to have started in 1983

A search with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office shows no corporate filing for this entity. A search of the Illinois Attorney General’s records and the Internal Revenue Service filings for non-profit 501C3 status reveals no registration of this entity.

The Illinois Compiled Statutes 760ILCS 55/ Charitable Trust Act specifies Trust and Fiduciary Duties for Organizations and Individuals holding property for or solicited for charitable purposes. There are registration requirements and on-going filing requirements for compliance.

Hanna is in violation of this statute for failing to register.

We have written documentation authored by Hanna directed to Waukegan Township Supervisor Patricia Jones, soliciting funds dated May 19, 2013 stating “The BSPO is submitting this request for financial support for 3 youth Counselors. I propose 8 weeks of salary at minimum wage ($8.25) for 6.5 hours per day, which total $6435 for the duration of camp.”

Waukegan Township authorized the disbursement of $2,500 on June 17, 2013 via check no. 22735. We have not been able to confirm if this expenditure was approved by the board or at the discretion of Patricia Jones nor the nature of any personal relationship between said individuals or other Township officials. 

On April 13, 2014 Hanna again solicited the Waukegan Township advising that “All proceeds are deposited in the organization’s account and used  exclusively for the children. Previous funding has come from private donations, parents and my own finances.

Again, without due diligence to determine if BSPO was registered as a 501C3 charity, with an IRS EIN, Waukegan Township provided an additional $2,500 donation via check no. 23708 dated April 25, 2014. The Township failed to request financial statements or proof of use of the funds as solicited by Hanna. Without being a properly registered charity, obtaining this information through public channels or via FOIA was not an option.  

Note that the endorsement on the back of the check reads "Black Diamond" and not Black Student's Parent Organization. The account at Great Lakes Credit Union is redacted so it is unclear if this is a second account held by Hanna. 

The express purpose of soliciting funds in 2014 from Waukegan Township was for the day camp, not the Black Diamond awards. "The Community Summer Day Camp is requesting financial support to (de)fray cost of, a bi-weekly summer wage for four young adults" again specifically earmarked for payroll. 

It appears that Hanna converted those funds to other purposes not promised to the Township.

Hanna simply expected the Township to “trust her”. They were surely aware of her position as Board member at WPS60 when she solicited funds. Perhaps she parlayed her personal relationship with Jones or other Township employees to first approach them in 2013?

Again, at this time we have no additional information as to who authorized this expenditure or whether it received board approval.

The May 19, 2013 solicitation letter also advises that “The camp begins June 10 thru August 2 at the Webster Middle School. At this time, the Waukegan Public Schools provides the facility free of charge to BSPO.”

This is curious. It is not the regular practice of WPS60 to provide its facilities to private businesses, especially at no charge. Any business seeking to use the facilities would be required to make an application, provide at a minimum a Certificate of Insurance indicating a minimum $1 Million for Liability coverage.  These entities would also need to display evidence of Financial Responsibility. The next step would be for WPS60 authorized personal to enter into a site use contract and obtain either administrative and/or board approval. So, who approved the use of the facility by Hanna’s day camp? Who granted her free rent? 

The use of the facility provided a personal benefit to Hanna as an in-kind quid pro quo at least a market value of free rent.

Hanna used her position as Board President to obtain a sweetheart deal for her family business for use of the school not available to any other citizen of Waukegan or local businesses. This is surely discriminatory in nature and smacks of favoritism towards her by the public entity that she controls. 

It is certainly an abuse of her power and exceeds her authority as an elected official.

In addition, there was no provision for reimbursement to the district for custodial services; those expenses were borne by the taxpayers. Who at WPS60 authorized this agreement with Hanna? We are still investigating and will publish that information when received from WPS60 via FOIA.

Charitable Trusts are required to file an IRS990 annual return that discloses the finances of the charity, source and use of funds, as well as the identities of directors and employees. These filings are also archived with the Illinois Attorney General’s Charitable Trust department and available for public access.  

Waukegan Public Schools Foundation (EIN36-3444790) is a duly registered 501C3 established in 1986 now showing Dr. Donaldo Batiste as Registered Agent (since 5/1/2006).  As Board President, Hanna has oversight of this Foundation, and is not ignorant as to the requirement to file proper documentation with the regulatory agencies.

Anita Hanna has taken the position that she is above the law. Since 1983, Hanna has had ample time to properly register her entity with the appropriate authorities. Barring evidence to the contrary, Hanna is required to file Quarterly Payroll 941 Returns to both the State of Illinois and IRS for paying employee salaries, as represented in her solicitation.

She is also required to file Federal and State tax returns. Co-mingling business funds with personal funds is a breach of fiduciary.

Public records accessed on the Circuit Court of Lake County’s
portal indicate a pattern of lawsuits that indicate problems 
with Hanna’s personal finances, yet the taxpayers have entrusted her with custodial and fiduciary authority to manage a budget of $162 Million.

As WPS60 Board President, Hanna has a fiduciary duty as elected trustee to protect the assets of Waukegan taxpayers. Violating state and federal statutes is a breach of trust.

Immediate demand is made for Hanna to release to the public her business records, including bank account deposits and expenditures made at Great Lakes Credit Union, for the Black Student’s Parent Organization showing sources and use of funds that include taxpayer monies. 

The Illinois Attorney’s Office has been provided this information and has been asked to open an investigation of potential wrongdoing by an elected official.

Tom Morris, General Counsel, is also Ethics Officer for WPS60. In the interest of the public trust, Morris needs to determine if there were acts of civil or criminal wrongdoing by Hanna and should immediately commence investigating these matters. Morris must insure impartiality. In the event that he determines a conflict of interest, he should recuse himself and seek resources in City of Waukegan government who can be independent and impartial.

During these investigation, Hanna should be suspended from

making any financial decisions or rendering any votes for WPS60