Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FOIA Just Received from City of Chicago Law Department re Staff & Salaries

In an update to our blog dated September 9, 2013, we have now obtained up to date information regarding the number of attorneys employed by the City of Chicago Law Dept.

The tally 249 full attorneys (assuming they all passed the bar) at a total salary of $21,884,688. Average salary per attorney is $87,890.31 for a calculated average hourly rate of $42.25.

So, simple arithmetic indicates that these qualified employees could produce a ratio 6.98:1 hours of work against an outside legal firm attorney billing at $295.

In fact, Mara Georges, previous General Counsel for City of Chicago had negotiated a reduced hourly rate at $250 that she reported to the budget committee of the Chicago City Counsel in November, 2009. Therefore, outside legal firms billing at amounts greater than $250 per hour to City of Chicago and sister agencies must be compelled to refund the excessive billings. This will certainly result in some uncalculated funds recovery for the Office of the Mayor!

Here is a link to the spreadsheet obtained via FOIA

So, again we ask, why are City agencies continuing to hire outside counsel under the mistake impression that they are "more qualified than most" to provide legal work. The spreadsheet displays an array of talents in areas covering torts, real estate, federal civil rights litigation, appeals, labor...all those juicy areas now being parceled out to politically connected firms...so called "pinstripe patronage".

Mayor Emanuel, let's stop insulting these highly qualified city workers who would certainly welcome the challenge to gain experience and depth in these practice areas...and be a welcome cost savings to taxpayers!

Perhaps a responsible person will explain why Shefsky was paid $62,751,113.69 by City of Chicago between 2012-2013?

Here is a link to City of Chicago Vendor Payment Details on the portal  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B86hsukGDw90aG12Y1kzWngzd00/edit?usp=sharing

We look forward to a response....

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