Saturday, July 27, 2013

Must be the Luck of the Irish to continuously feed at the taxpayer trough!

One of the stories that is told about getting started in politics is that on the way home from law school one night in 1948, I stopped by the ward headquarters in the ward where I lived. There was a street-front, and the name Timothy O'Sullivan, Ward Committeeman, was painted on the front window. I walked in and I said "I'd like to volunteer to work for Adlai Stevenson and Paul Douglas." This quintessential Chicago ward committeeman took the cigar out of his mouth and glared at me and said, "Who sent you?" I said, "Nobody sent me." He put the cigar back in his mouth and he said, "We don't want nobody that nobody sent." This was the beginning of my political career in Chicago.

Our ongoing investigation into Chicago patronage profiles folks whose family names are not as well known as Madigan, Daley or other members of the clan but who continue the legacy of corruption and personal gain at taxpayer expense via sole source contracts awarded simply because of who they know and who wired their getting political jobs.

The good old boy network is still alive and well in Chicago.
The last thing these people want is public exposure. Better put on your seat belt; this ride is going to be very rocky!

More to come....stay tuned!

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