Friday, July 26, 2013

Bill Daley calls for more board appointments from the Governor in the Metra fiasco.

  • Why doesn't he review previous appointments that resulted in a breach of the public trust? 
  • Should these individuals be debarred from serving the public further? 
  • Why do these people covet unpaid board appointments and are tenacious in obtaining other board positions even after being removed?
  • Illinois has 13 Million citizens. Why continue to retread a small select group of politically connected folks who are interested in leveraging these positions for personal gain and ego?

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and review board appointments to Metropolitan Pier & Expo Authority, a 50/50 venture between the City of Chicago and State of Illinois.

Here is the track record for MPEA board members and employees: 

Examination of MPEA financial statements for the years 2006-2012 indicate annual deficits as follows:
·         Net Deficit June 30, 2012  $999 Million
·         Net Deficit June 30, 2011$833.0 Million
·         Net Deficit June 30, 2010 $696.5 Million
·         Net Deficit June 30, 2009 $556.4 Million
·         Net Deficit June 30, 2008 $408.3 Million
·         Net Deficit June 30, 2007 $309.5 Million
·         Net Deficit June 30, 2006 $287.8 Million

The State of Illinois derives no fiscal value for its 50% interest in MPEA! MPEA is city-centric and is a destination venue for visitors who engage in per capita spending in Chicago.

Losing business, McPier added big salaries
Agency says cost-cutting is 'an ongoing plan'
January 4, 2010
Even as convention business has plummeted, the number of people on the payroll of the government agency that runs McCormick Place and Navy Pier who are paid more than $100,000 a year has grown.
A Chicago Sun-Times analysis of payroll records shows 54 employees of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority were making at least $100,000 as of September 2009. That's eight more than the agency, familiarly known as McPier, had in 2006, the records show – a 17 percent increase.

Here are the appointed board members in 2009 under the tenure of Juan Ochoa as CEO and appointed by former Mayor Richard Daley (no coincidence, Bill's brother) and Rod Blagojevich (now convicted felon)

You will also note that board members with expired terms continue to serve indefinitely until they are eventually replaced.
What motivates these people to serve at no compensation??
All are political hacks who benefit from patronage to obtain these appointments in the first place.


On January 13, 2010 the Illinois Senate voted 39 to 11 to remove the sitting Board of Directors at MPEA for mismanagement of the Authority (SB1868). On February 17, 2010 Governor Quinn signed into law the ouster of the Board. These board members should have been permanently debarred from serving on any other boards.

Without missing a beat, Quinn appointed removed board member James V. Riley to State Police Board in April, 2010. On May 17, 2012 he sought Senate approval. Quinn also failed to realize that Riley should have been removed from the MPEA board in 2008 as he was a named defendant in a federal lawsuit in Atlanta for bid rigging related to outdoor signage.

Peter. J. O’Brien was named to the Illinois Capital Development Board, John S. Gates, Jr. was named to the Regional Transportation Authority Board, Bruce Meckler to the Judicial Inquiry Board. All of these appointments are fiduciary positions where taxpayer have entrusted monies for lawful purposes. Devon Bruce, who served briefly on the MPEA board, is now Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Investment that still has funds placed with David Wilhelm's Hopewell Ventures (see previous stories on his mismanagement of TRS pension funds). These appointments are typically rammed through the Illinois Senate in the early afternoon when legislators seem to be asleep. 

Both the Governor and Senators have breached their fiduciary duties to the taxpayers by not vetting these appointees and eliminating individuals who have already proven that they are not worthy to serve the public.

It is noteworthy and ironic that no MPEA management employees were removed despite their being directly responsible for day to day operations at the authority. They continued to draw their inflated salaries and continued to accumulate credit towards their public pensions at taxpayer expense.

So Bill, here is a question for you "as Governor would you appoint ordinary, civic minded citizens from Peoria, Decatur, Cairo or other locations south of I-80 to Illinois state board positions or continue your brother's legacy of patronage appointments that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars in waste, fraud and corruption?"

We look forward to your response. You can contact us at corruptionbusters24x7x365@gmail with your reply!

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