Saturday, June 29, 2013

Policy of Neglect

Chicago Public School Buildings violate environmental safety for students and staff until a miraculous infusion of Federal Dollars manipulated in a conspiracy by Arne Duncan, David Vitale and Jesse Ruiz for turnarounds.

Corruption Busters ongoing investigation into corruption related to the management of Chicago Public Schools reveals a pattern of failed maintenance in violation of the Chicago building and public safety code. As an illustration Herzl School was constructed in 1908.

According to information obtained by Corruption Busters from City of Chicago , no major repairs were undertaken in the years leading up to the turnaround in June, 2012. Only after $5 Million was manipulated via the Illinois State Board of Education headed up by Jesse Ruiz and requested in a joint application by Chicago Public Schools and AUSL, headed up by David Vitale were capital improvements made to the property. The caveat was the removal of all adult staff members from the school building and a handover of the property to AUSL, a non-profit not subject to FOIA and OMA by taxpayers despite AUSL receiving direct funding from CPS.

....more to come on this investigation

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