Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jesse Ruiz and David Vitale, current Chicago Public School board members conspired with Arne Duncan to obtain US Department of Education Turnaround Funds to privatize Herzl School and 9 other schools.

An ongoing investigation by Corruption Busters into abuse of taxpayer funds reveals a chronology of activities starting in the spring of 2011 to manipulate federal US Dept. of Education funding to Chicago Public Schools under the guise of school turnarounds to AUSL, controlled by David Vitale, now President of the Board of Education at CPS. Jesse Ruiz, former head of Illinois State Board of Education approved Lead Partners as of 4/28/2011. These entities included AUSL and Chicago Public Schools. They jointly made application for turnaround funding that required the firing of all adult staff members in schools targeted for this drastic measure.

This policy was successful implemented to turnaround 10 schools by June, 2012. Rigged hearings staffed by former judges allowed residents 2 minutes to speak. A review of those hearings indicate that they were held simply as a formality mandated by Illinois State law; the outcomes were already predetermined as funding had already been awarded by Duncan.

AUSL's only partnership is with Chicago Public Schools and was formed specifically to garner funding via taxpayer dollars diverted to privatize education in Chicago.

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