Saturday, June 29, 2013

Corruption Busters Opinion

If Chicago Public Schools do not wish to uphold its charter with Chicago and Cook County taxpayers to manage the task
of educating Chicago children, it should get out of the way and allow Chicago taxpayers proper control of the school system!

Corruption Busters obtained FOIA information related to the levy of property taxes paid for the benefit of CPS. Here are the results of those collections for tax year 2011 for two months...$236,518,808! For tax year 2010, the total number is
$2,117,777,036...over 2 Billion Dollars!

CPS claims a student enrollment of 404,151 (FY2011-2012)

Monies are allocated to each school on a child per capita basis. Public monies and Private monies should not be co-mingled. Non-profits have the ability to raise funds via donations.  Here is a list of donations received by AUSL
They compensate their employees as they choose and spend their dollars without accountability to the public. The insidious practice of forming 501C3 non-profits strictly to feed from the public trough is egregious. AUSL SHOULD RECIEVE NO TAXPAYER FUNDING, BUT SHOULD OPERATE LIKE ANY OTHER ILLINOIS COMPANY; capitalize internally or obtain donations to further their corporate goals!
These non-profits continue to privatize public education and diminish the direct responsibility of education mandated by the State of Illinois to provide public education.
CPS should be barred from compensating non-profits to manage schools.
A per child per capita payment to schools originating from property taxes should only be legally made to bona fide public institutions. This would also be an incentive for CPS to actually directly manage education, as this task has been entrusted to it by the taxpayers.
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